I Will Be Homeless Soon (in Trash Country)

Hi my name is Yiğit. I am 22 years old from turkey. My problem is I living in rented house with poor and rude parents. They trying kick me out of house because I cant bring money to house. I trying so hard to find job but as u know turkey is very very poor country. I cant get no job. I am under high pressure since 18 y.o everyday they are insulting me so badly and make me feel like i am totally useless. But they cant even relize they are living in poor and low quality trashy country. I can live without eat nice foods but I cant live in mentally ( somtimes psycally) under high pressure. This is big unfortunate that I must live here I dont feel like I am part of this country. I just want go away from this country but as you know its impossible. EU countries like UK , USA they wont give me visa even if I have money in bank. so I just want to buy my own house and just get out of this helll. But bad thing is even if I get job that money wont even let me rent house.İf I want buy house it will cost cheapest (120.000 TL / 41.000 $ / 27.000GBP ). Really I dont have patience left I seriously started thinking about suicide. I thinking every possiblity to get out of this hell then I searching on internet about " making money online" there are some ways to make money but its so small moneys. Also my sitution is emergency because I loosing my mental health under this high pressure. I just want quite place belongs to me. I dont want anything elsee. I can live by just eating bread and water its no problem. But I cant live under high pressure by ignorant rude insulting parents. I know there are many rich people spending that money in one day. You might save money for one day and save my life. İts looks like dream but as I say this website is my last hope. I dying day by day. I writing this in nighttime I cant even sleep because of stresss alll my life ruined. Please some body help me. I am sorry if I cant write proper english. But thats all I can do because I didnt study english I learned myself abit. I am desperate any amount of money even if u cant give whole amounth I need u can donate me however u want. Then for some time I can make crazy parents calm down. But as you know it wont last forever they will get angry and bad after that money finished. I just need get out of here thats all I want . I really hope somebody will help me. Thanks BYEEEEE