I was diagnosed with Chron's disease!

Hungarian, Hungary

Dear Readers! I have been through terrible years. I got thrown out of my home because I couldn't pay the bills. I then found a job in a factory where I had to work with chemicals which are very damaging to our health. When I thought everything was going right I went to the toilet one day at work and an enormous amount of blood came out of my anus. I was rushed to the hospital and they diagnosed me with Chron's disease and said that it isn't curable but if I buy bio supplements, then I have a chance of balancing this disease which can be deadly. The only problem is I lost my job because I wasn't able to stand up from bed because of the pain I was in and I don't have money to buy myself special foods. Please help me if you can!! I would be so grateful! I don't want to die!!! I 'm only 23 :(