i was denied medicaid & ssi disability need $ donations for surgery

Hello my name is justin , im 37 years old i was born with a condition called hemifacial microsomiaits a disfiguring condiition i've had 12 surgeries since i was a few months old im not able to work since im taking several sedating medications xanax , seroquel & citalopram . I still need more surgery done my last was in 1991 right now my right cheek is fatter than my left cheek . this was my goal to get SSIdisability so i can have medicaid to cover this surgery . the jobs i had before were only minimum wage janitorial jobs that had no health insurance. i really dont go out very often because i look like shit with my condiion even when i have 18 inch long hair to cover my cheek its still noticeable society does not treat me well so i really want this surgery to be done so i can live a normal life i never had i saw a dr in 2009 he travels globaly to do fascial surgeries in 3rd world countries he said he can help me with the surgery i need for free i just need money for hospital stay after surgery and test to be done before operation please help me i came here writting this out of desperation