I want to start a Photography Studio Business

Photograp, New Delhi

I would like to start a photography studio business. But due to lack of fund, I could not start it. Please donate for me to start my photography studio project. The money would be used to buy the necessary equipments. This includes camera, computers, applications, backup hardware and strategies, printers, network configuration, and everything else I use on a regular basis. This doesn’t only include processing and printing, and framing, but also marketing, writing, teaching workshops, and everything else that keeps the bills payed. Details of my Photography Studio Project is given below: 1. Getting the Right Equipment The following equipments would be needed at the initial stages: • Cameras • Electronic flash units • Lenses • Studio lights • Tripods • Studio stands • Filters • Various types of background like seamless paper The following equipment also needs to be bought for carrying out the business processes of a studio: • Computer • Scanner • Telephone • Office furniture • Fax 2. I also want to focus on wildlife and nature photography. The major buyers in these cases are picture editors and art directors of the following publications: • Nature magazines • Calendars • Travel magazines • Textbooks • Wildlife picture books • Reference books 3. I would also do the following things to set up a good rapport with the prospective buyers: • Covering a local charity event • Offering photography workshops • Covering a not for profit organization’s event The fee structure for my photograpy studio may be broken down as below: Basic fee – the minimum charges that ensure overhead expenses are met and also generate some profit Creative fee – the amount that is deemed sufficient for the skills and dedication put in by the photographer. This is in addition to the basic fee Usage fee – this enables the photographer to quote even better prices depending on the way the photographs are to be used Expenses and margin – this covers the expenditure personally done by the photographer for the shoot. The margin helps in covering the expenses for specialized equipment like the following: • Film • Services of models or hair stylists • Props