I want to meet my little sister for the first time

£20 to m, Lancashir

I'm going down to Telford to meet my little (half) sister for the first ever time on Saturday - got all the money for the train except from £20 - I had some unexpected charges on my card from Three for some calls my best friend made to a dirty number when he was drunk and it's left me pretty broke (he's paying me back when he can -.-) I don't have an overdraft as I defaulted on a charge when I was 18 and lived in Spain and despite now being able to get a phone contract, wireless broadband dongle etc, my credit rating is still too low (but improving over time.) I really need the money and I would be willing to provide any required information via email to prove the authenticity of this. A little about my family situation: My father died years ago - she is his child and another womans, I only found out about her a few months ago and decided to meet her (with her mum present of course.) She's 10 years old and this has really thrown a spanner in the works.