I want to help my family, and learn to get a job

Hungarian, Hungary

Hello. My name is Tamas,im 18 years old, i live in hungary, in a small village, with my parents and 3 brothers. My father is disabled 2 years ago, he cant work, but he drink a lot, my mom is at home with my youngest brother. Im working in a farm nearby, and i work for food, so my family can eat, but we dont have any income. I want to go the the city nearby to work, so i can help my family with money, but i dont have money to go there, or for search for work (only online at the farm where i work, thanks for the kind farmer, where i write now).If you can help me with some money, maybe i can get work in the city, and help my family, and in a few years, maybe i can go for collage,if im lucky. Thank you for reading this, if you think that you want to help me, please donate a dollar.