I want to believe there\'s something worth living for!

Brian, Virginia

You don't know me but I sure wish I knew people. I am a 24 year old man that has made the worst choices in my life. I grew up around a family of drug addicts and In my early years I developed anger issues. at age 9 my father was sentenced to 10 years in prison and my mother consistently chose drugs over me, while my brother was taken in by our grandmother I was sent to a group home in petersburg VA called Minis youth palace where my anger dissipated and was replaced by depression. At the age of sixteen I struggled with school because of my home life and my inability to honestly care about certain things. at 17 I dropped out of Genesis Alternative school for disturbed youths because the school made me feel stupid. After that I worked for a landscaping company for 2 years until my boss had a fatal heart attack. That was in 2011. Now no one will hire me, I feel like my life is going no where. Therapy is impossible and I owe thousands in hospital bills. Depression rules over me. I can barely afford to eat but when I do I eat just to make myself feel better. I sit in misery staring at my wall wondering if I should punch my permanent time card. I'd just like to see if theres any point in trying anymore. Thanks for reading. I know its absolutely stupid but all I can do is talk.