I Want My True Love

Sandeep, Chandigar

I love a woman truly. She is 35 years old and i am 25. She lives in Indonesia. She has two babies. She is widow. I truly love her. I lives in India. I belongs to a poor family. I want to spend my whole life with her. Please i need help. Please help me. She is my everything. She is very pure heart. I want to stay with her. Please help me. I have nothing. I am unemployed and i need lot of money to help her. Her parents are old and now they are in trouble. Please if someone can understand my feelings help me otherwise their life will be destroyed. I cant see her in bad condition. Please for God sake help me. Please. I am very sad and upset. And all knows that if you really truly love someone age, height, weight, distance are just numbers. I hope God bless you all. Please God find a way for me.