I want a steady income again

Single Fe, Northeast

Hi, It's been close to 2 years now I've been laid off after working in Hospital Administration. I have been applying and interviewing for jobs, working when I can through temp agencies yet nothing has been stable as of yet. Companies now are asking for part time hours Monday - Friday, or two months for an assignment with 40 hours a week. I live alone and carry all bills, I can not live off of part-time work... I have fallen behind on rent, car note, insurance, electricity, and food. Collecting unemployment is no where near to what I use to make monthly. I've gone through all of my savings and IRA account while waiting to get a job, thinking I'll be able to replace it later. I've cut out the extra expenses such as going to the movies, dining out, I was never the clothes horse or Handbags, Shoes collector type of woman. I know asking for money to pay my bills is not the solution, what I need is a steady income, during the time I have not been working I've attended low cost classes in upgrading my education in Business so I can be more marketable. The worse thing to do is to go on interviews and not have a valid account of your time between jobs. My goal is to start an online pet business I've been researching the following companies; PureECommerce.com and ModernSugar.com. If I can generate enough funding to obtain my goal I should be able to sustain myself once more. I'm asking for help in keeping the necessity of life Home, Food, Car, Auto Insurance (required by law) and a steady income where I won't be laid off ever again. Sincerely,