I really need help,like yesterday

Jak1980, Bristol U

So here goes the only thing I have left, my pride. In the last 6 Mon ths I have lost everything. I am hoping just one person out there will give me a break. My story 8 months ago my life was good, not perfect but good. 3 wonderful children, a home, a partner,a full time job, a car and my health. I have none now. I had to flee my home with my children due to domestic violence, because I wad employed I found little help, I worked but we managed by living month to month. So had no savings. We stayed with my mum who I am nit overly close too but us a good lady who is 53 and worked here whole life. 3 week's after this I lost my job in sales due the amount of time I have had off due to physical bruising. I lost my car as it was a company car, after a month my mum told us we needed leave as she couldn't afford to keep us finanicaly, I understood and already had contacted Bristol city housing about emergency moving they Saud that they would award me a bond scheme and pay my first months rent to a private landlord. Twice I found somewhere, twice the landlord backed out due to the Council raking too long. After I was made unemploymeed The council decided to award me band 3 homelessness....they deactivated my home choice bidding until I could prove I was in receipt of benefits, I wasn't entitled to benefits until work had paid all my sick pay. To help speed up the process . Stayed in a refuage separated from my teenage sins because it was for women only. This was supposed to be for 6 weeks only and then after we would all be put in a family hostel. 6 weeks came and went I had a case worker from northern arc assigned to help me with coming to terms with everything. She is honestly fantastic. But can only do so much. I left the refuge and me and the children went to stay at tmwith a friend in her 2 bedroom flat which alread. Housed her and her son, this should of moved us to band 2 at housing as we were overcrowded, the stress of everything was becoming to much and when the council turned down the banding award and Sau. It would be based on my original application for fleeing domestic violence and I would ve in this situation for possibly months or stay in a bed and breakfast by this time I was diagnosed with depression and seeing Bristol intensive mental health team every day. I tried to apply for jobs, having Been a retail manager for 12 years, I didn't think it would be that hard, but I needed to get me back, I needed to be brave for the children, the debts started mounting not much but enough to worry about, and I was hospitalized with ill health pericarditis... All this proved to ve to much for my eldest son and 3 weeks ago he took a 60 paracetamol overdose with a bottle of vodka. I was devastated, I'd let him down. Luckily my sob pulled through,I was still in contact with the council and told them about this I begged practically for a home. In the end I wad reffered to shelter for legal support, they too have also been so good in dealing with the council. For my childrens safety I sent them back with family members I thought somewhere safe and grounded would make them feel better. I was reffered to a crisis centre to help in handling my mental stress. Still fighting Bristol city council 7 months on, still without a home, my children now have to stay separately, I am away from them, and all I want is a home somewhere. So I have used the last thing I have my pride to beg maybe you, maybe someone, maybe a group of people for help? Financial help. For what? I'm being honest...£1150 of debt that has amountted, I can apply for grants to help with a house when we finally get one, but as December 1st is 2 day's away I am beginning to panic even more, we don't need a great Christmas, but the kids do need something, just for war they have been through, I have also tried applying for loans, you need a guarantor, payday loans offer no more than a couple of hundred and none of my Amazing family are in the position to help. So I am asking if you can please just help me....I am doing all I can for myself I have logged complaint after complaint and contacted my local m.p, I have daily updates with shelter and I will fight this all the way, but please would you be so kind just to help us for now £4000 is wat I am looking for, cover debts, private rent and a few things for the house, the rest on the kids for Christmas. I know I am a stranger to you and you my think why should I?? Because I mean this when I say it, you will save my life literally, I have thought about it but I can't let those kids down. But I can't let them see that the one person who should protect them from everything is the one person who cannot provide for them. Please I beg let me have my family back and a home and just let us he together for Christmas. I can provide u evidence if you wish I honestly don't mind! I am just grateful for the help. Please contact me if you need to know more