I really hate doing this.

Widow who, Egypt

I am a 65 year old widow. Thank God I am in good health. I live alone in Egypt, since moving here from England with my husband 11 years ago. He died suddenly 2 years after we arrived. I managed ok for 3 years, [there was no insurance money] invested well and wisely to provide an income until the financial crash which hurt me as badly as many others. I sold all my stocks and invested in a house here intending to fix it up a little and then sell it after a year or so [intending to reinvest the money in the market and get back on track financially]. In this venture I was helped by an Egyptian friend of my late husband, he drove me in my car, translated, helped me find a lawyer and I relied on him implicitly for years. He and his wife and family were my only real friends here. Expats were few and transient of course, even before the revolution.I paid him well, helped with his household expenses, gave his wife many gifts etc, they were not a rich family. When it became apparent that the stock markets were not recovering any time soon I advertised the house on line as my living funds were getting low - and when it was time to meet prospective buyers I was informed that this man had conspired with the lawyer [to who I had given POA - as is required here in Egypt] to have both the house and my new car registered in his name. Furthermore he had sold the house about two months earlier. He was still driving my car [garaged in his home] and still accepting wages as my 'chauffeur'! Of course I contacted the police, [but by then the revolution was in full swing, no-one trusted foreigners, courts were closed, police stations were being attacked...] Finally I was advised to take out a civil case which has now dragged on, for the above reasons, and ongoing bureaucratic problems, for 3 years. By now my lawyer is working for nothing, hoping I can pay when I win the case. My losses were around 30,000GBP and have left me penniless because with no investments, no income. I have a small UK government pension [a pitiful 144GBP per month] I live in a terrible flat, have no money to leave the country,.After I pay my rent, I am left with 10GBP a week to live on, I pretty much eat every other day, If I get sick, or have an injury, I simply cannot afford to visit a doctor here. I have borrowed over the past year or so, a total of 3000GBP from friends who simply can't offer any more, and I feel uncomfortable that I cannot repay this yet. Because of political changes I could not try to find work here. I am afraid of literally dying of malnutrition, people comment on how thin I am, it is so very shaming.I have family in England who I have obviously asked for help, but they like many these days, are struggling financially, credit card debts etc, and I frankly do not think they fully grasp how dire my situation is. Even I am stunned when I think of it. I swear, I did nothing to deserve this. I have always been honest and charitable. I am not stupid, I simply trusted a person I had known for over 7 years who gave not one single hint that he had been planning this for years. I can provide proof of this awful mess, and would gladly do my best to repay as much as possible when I am back on my feet. By the way, if it were at all possible to get help from my Embassy here I certainly would, but I tried asking and that is 'not what embassies are for' apparently. Any help would be gratefully received. But thanks for reading this anyway.