I Need Your Help

KQ, Anderson,

I was once a kind, determined and capable, full of confidence, poise and unshakable moral. I can't find work. In the past I volunteered, I helped many, I was there for my neighbors and friends. Who now are non existent. My financial situation has become a ball and chain is a constant reminder of a woman defeated by circumstance. I have become a recluse with one constant, 24 hr a day question running through my head: where can I get my next dollar. To buy food, take care of my pets, keep the water, electric, car insurance, gas for the car and phone bills paid. I want nothing more than to, once again become a valuable part of society, to not feel like such a failure, and to one day mean something to to myself. Please believe me when I say that I am putting blood sweat and tears into making that happen. I'm begging, will you please, please help me regain with a fresh start? Any donation is appreciated Kathy