I need your help to get back on my feet - Foods, rents & possibly school.


Hi, My name is Nicole, I'm 27yrs old. I'm a nice person, but I just got out of an abusive relationship where I have been a victim of physical and psychologic abuse for many years. I decided for a second time finally to come to the big city to get out from my past and my ex in the hope I would make a new start with my life. It is the second time I try to leave this past and change my life. When I tried the first time I gave up and changed my mind unfortunately. I am back and I am looking for a place to stay. I have a very low budget. I need your help.  I will need help to get foods everyday and find a safe place to stay and possibly little later I could get my own place where I can have a quiet life and a peace of mind. I also need money for a deposit for an apartment and for a rent if I can get my own apartment. In the main time I am planning to look for a job and possibly study something.  Can you help me? If you do a good action to improve my life, life may help you in return. I believe in karma.  Anything could help me. You can send me money through paypal. An amount as low as 1 or 2$ could help me. My paypal account is nttr2014.  I am hoping. Ps. I only accept paypal payment as I heard some people could take advantage of people in need like me (fraud or spam). Very sad! Thank you for reading my beg ad.