I Need Your Help & I\'ll give away my home

Lost in S, Anderson,

Hello My name is Kathy. I am not going to make it without your help. I have been online begging and getting no place. So I'm not going to BEG anymore. I own a home. I will GIVE AWAY MY HOME to a deserving family If I hit my Goal. I Will walk away. There is No Mortgage and taxes are $750.00 a year. It's a 3bd/2 bath on 1/4 acre in South Carolina.I'll even kick back $5,000.00 to the Family I give it to. I will decide who gets the house by emails and posts that I get from people who are interested. After the goal is met I will then Post my choices on my blog and ask that my blogger friends help me decide. I can't do this without your help! If the paypal widget doesn't load below and to see the house and more info. Visit me here at my blog: http://helpkathysurvive.blog.com/