I need your help

Mommyshay, Indiana/U

Hi I know you don't know me. I'm a single mom with two kids age 3 years old and 3 months. We have been homeless for several months and getting the run around on a place. Even harder for me, because I haven't been able to find a job. Living off government assistant $229 with two kids is not enough especially have a 3 month old that runs through diapers like its going out of style. Plus all the clothing that goes with taking care of two kids they are constantly getting dirty. I don't have the money to even try to attempt to get on my feet. I'm praying for better day I sure don't want my girls to go through anything like this. I know if I had $2,500 I would be able to get a place and pay it up until I find a good job, I just hate that me and my two girls are living in this nasty shelter. Where nobody really cares about our well being.