I need to renew my teeth so I can get a job

Normsdent, San Franc

I need to renew my teeth so I can get a job. No - not the reason you are thinking!!!..... I was always a candy-and-soft-drink kind of guy from my earliest childhood in the 40's. The sugar ruined my teeth over a period of many decades. For all those years I kept ahead of the damage because I paid out extraordinary amounts on dental care, year after year, and everything seemed "normal".... Now I am "sorta retired", trying to live on Social Security at age 68. I tried to "live thrifty", but gradually almost al of the old dental work failed and I lost almost a majority of my teeth, all of the uppers in the front - the "interview teeth" ! ! ! ! . I can't live on the tiny amount I get from "SS" plus pay sky-high regulated-monopoly prices for dental work, so I am living in my car in pain. I am just about to go out panhandling in San Francisco to do SOMETHING! and today I saw this site. Can anybody help me? I can't get a job with my teeth ruined like they are now. I have maybe half of my teeth and half of the rest are broken rotting stubs, some actively lapsing into toothaches every few days. The remainder are outright missing. All my fault from childhood onwards, I am sure you are saying.....All too true, but I am asking anyway. Please help with anything you can. I have lots of dormant "mainframe" computer skills and internet abilities. I also lots of more-customary regular-job skills, but I am destitute in S.F. with monthly expenses. I can't upgrade my situation unless I have some good-enough teeth that I can go out on a job interview. Also I need to pull the recurring toothache teeth. Thank you in advance for helping me renew my diminishing life-prospects...... Once I get a good job I can definitely pay the rest myself, but I do need some help to get started!