I need to get out of Florida so I can survive

Nalley80, West Palm

My name is Sherri. I am 26 years old and until recently had worked for a wonderful company since I was 20. Due to the economy I was laid off. Soon after my boyfriend also lost his job. We are not making enough money to pay rent let alone utilities and food. We have been trying everything we can think of to find a job. I was offered a job at Mcdonalds but only made 40 dollars in two weeks. We need to get out of florida and move close to family in Pittsburgh. We need this so we can eat, live, and so our dog will have food and a place to live. If we can't get the money together to move within a week we will be homeless and I don't want to do that to my dog or us for that matter. I hate asking anyone for help but I am beyond what I like or don't like. Please help us. Everything helps. Thank you very much.