i need help support my football career

Dear friends, parents, brothers and sisters . please I would like to ask for your help. My name is Steven k. Agyapong from Ghana. I am a talented football playing for collontians fc, my position is right winger and also I can play offensive midfield, defensive midfield, striking force and also attacking position and so on. i would like to achieve my aim as a professional footballer but due to broken home and financial inabilities I am more or less to dropout from football field due to the fact that in Africa if your parents or no one to support you , you can't play football and the fact is that my parents are poor living in my village. I have no one to support me in teams of finance but I would like to show my appreciation and thanks to inside football for their support that they have been doing for me. please I would to ask for your donation in teams of money or anything to support my career . please friend help me to achieve my football career I hope with your help I can achieve my dreams. please contact email: agyapongkwame66@gmail.com or +233504710714. please I know your help can let me achieve my dreams. please help me to share my message to friends, social medias ,groups and also social site to extend my message.