I need help cause im homeless

KJ, Maine

Hello :( well I don't usually do this but I am desperate. I am homeless I have been couch surfing for about six months now and been trying my hardest to find a job. But no one has hired me. I am asking for help any kind of money help. I have soo many bills to pay like hospital and medication, also I have my dog. My dog is the only thing I have that loves me ( I know sounds cheesy) I want to better my life but I need help to get on my feet. I know that I don't have any kids but even people without kids need help. I don't have anyone to turn too. No family that love me I have been disowned from them and they will not help me. so plz if u have the heart to help me plz do. My email= kjordan8203@gmail.com also its my paypal.