I need funds to allow me freedom

The seed , Ontario

I am a difficult person, I have several unpleasant personality traits, and an anxiety problem that leaves me unemployable. I still live at home because I've never had enough success at anything to allow me to move out. I am now going to be writing a book, as it's the only thing I have the equipment to do (laptop). The problem is my family stands in the way of my success, both intentionally and unintentionally. I need to be able to leave the house to write. But without any money, and especially in the winter, I won't be able to go anywhere and stay long enough to write. Any donation will be much appreciated, my needs are quite simple, just enough money to be able to go into town and have an excuse to sit in a restaurant or someplace warm with tables and coffee, for 8 hours a day. Thank you very much for reading this, someday you may end up reading my book, although you won't necessarily know it's mine.