I need a laptop for online courses

Ineedscho, Syracuse

I left school when I was young because of social anxiety depression and a lot of other problems when I was a kid. I knew not having anything was a bad idea though so I got my G.E.D right away. I did okay and started doing applications right away but unfortunately got almost no callbacks for obvious reasons. I tried and tried, but had no luck and fell into depression. My mother works for our city and recently told me her union allows family members to take free college courses online. I was real happy to find this out because the thought of school debts alone always sent me into a panic attack. My one problem is the only technology I have is my cell phone which I use for everything, but I can barely write this up with it so doing actual work with it would be pretty hard. I've always liked learning and left school because the noise and people overloaded my brain, but I think this could be my chance to make a big step forward. I'd be very greatful to anyone that wants to help and worse case scenario I'll get a cheap tablet with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Thank you for reading this ,and sorry about the typos I may have left(big hands small phone).