I Need a Fresh Start

Needy Pin, Philippin

I have made so many bad choices in life while I was single. Because of these bad decisions I have accumulated loans of almost $2,000. Now that I'm a mom, I have to provide for my kids and still continue paying my debt. The interest I'm paying is making it very difficult to make ends meet. I just need a little help. I want to pay off my debt so that I don't have to pay these usurious interest. No one is willing to lend me money because I have a bad credit record. I want to make a fresh start. It does not even have to be a donation. Whatever financial help anyone can extend me, if they want, I can pay them off a little at a time as long as you are willing charge me very little interest or none at all. I want to change my future so I can provide for my kids properly. I don't want to be forever paying off my debts. Please, please, help.