I need $165 for an URGENT bill

Ok, here's the issue. I have a storage bill that's due in full on Sunday before the storage facility closes on Sunday or else I'm going to lose all of my belongings to auction 9 a.m. on Monday morning. I have all the money for my storage except for $165 and the storage facility (Public Storage) refuses to take what I have now and let me pay the $165 when I get paid on Friday November 14th to stop the auction from happening. They said either I have ALL the money on Sunday before the facility closes or Monday, all my stuff is going to be sold to auction and I don't want that because I have ALL of my belongings from the time I was born until now in that storage and all of my winter clothes and winter coats are in that storage and I need them because it was freezing tonight and I had to come home from work in just a jean jacket and a tee-shirt. I'm planning on getting my stuff out of storage on Saturday 11/15 and moving it into my new place but I can't do anything with my stuff in storage now because it's overdue and going to be sold at auction on Monday. I am asking someone, anyone to PLEASE, PLEASE help me by loaning me the money. I will provide a copy of my driver's license, a copy of my social security card - if that's necessary, and whatever else is needed if someone can loan me the $165 and if someone can loan it to me, I can guarantee by providing a copy of my ID and even a letter/contract vowing to pay that I will repay back the money on Friday (the 14th of November) when I get my paycheck. (I usually bring home on a paycheck about $980.00) So if someone can please, please, loan me the money, I swear I can repay it back on Friday the 14th of November but I really don't want to lose my stuff in storage. If someone can please, please help me with this loan, I would truly appreciate it, thank you.