I need $100 in rent or my two year old daughter and I will be evicted Friday

Trisha, Washingto

It's myself and my two year old daughter and we are in a small room in a rooming house and I am in need of help with our rent that's due on Friday or else we will be evicted. Our rent is $100 and I have called several agencies and charities but they're out of funds and I don't want my two year old and I on the street because shelters in our area are all booked up and we don't have family members we can turn to. So can someone can please help my daughter and I with the $100 needed so we don't have to be on the street come Friday, because Monday I'm supposed to start a new job and I can't start it with myself and my daughter living on the streets and I don't want the money, it can go directly to my landlord, I can give my landlord's full information but if someone can help, that would be the greatest gift for my daughter and I. If someone can help, please reply back or message me thanks.