I just need help.

Andrea an, Indiana

My name is Andrea and I am a 28 year old single mother who lives in Indiana. I am also a preschool teacher so I don't make a whole lot of money to support me and my awesome 5 year old son. I unfortunately do not receive child support or any help at all with Ace. I love him to death but I do it on my own and Im now, for some reason, begging on a random website. The thing is Im facing selling all of my things and I found this website googling "help for single mothers". Thought I would give it a shot. I hate panhandlers and begging...who is going to believe I am who I am? Idk...I wouldn't donate money to me but hopefully you aren't like me. Maybe this message tugs on your heart strings a little because desperation has never met me until now..... My lowest point. I just want to be able to take care of my kid and keep my things. Sincerely, Andrea and Ace