I hope someone cares

I hope so, UK

Hi my name Sona and i need help.... Im bit crazy or stupid... In my present situacion i dont have kinda what to eat why? because im living with boyfriend wich is abusive and its just totally fuck up... Like its one way situacion... I gave him my heart and he spit on her so many times and now its up to me but i chose set my self free from this agony...But for that i need your help for just starters i would really appreciate....I can work and, why when im not working because i kinda lost myself in deep stress and depression...What im thinking if u would donate me. I save some cash and just move out...For time a would like to get some room. Pay 2 rents foward and let my self to let it go maybe weak just cry from sadness another week start to build my self confidence and later on everything should sit it out... sorry for wanting be anonymous but it's so shameful to ask just to say pls help me because im just to weak and cant help myself anymore.... if u would like to contact me im leaving my gmail...goodpin22@gmail.com