I have nobody to go to.

I'm Drow, Canada

Hi everyone, My name is Liz, a 26 year old single female who's still in school, and I have nowhere's else to go for help. Asking my parent's is not an option, my mother passed away a few years ago and my father's in his late 60's working away so he can safely retire. So I feel guilty asking him as it is. After High School, I started working right away. Nonstop actually, I barely had a social life. I gained an excellent work ethic and was always positive in the workplace. I was the first person people went to when a problem arose.... But then I made the huge mistake of getting a credit card. Suffering the consequences of those never-ending payments now. Aside from that, I felt I wasn't where I was supposed to be in life. I'm a pretty passionate person, and I felt that if I were to put my energy into something for the rest of my life. It had to be something that I was absolutely passionate about. So I went back to school for the Arts. I love every aspect of creating. And my purpose is to inspire others. Due to my prior debt, I didn't get that huge of a student loan. But it was enough to cover my tuition. Living expenses not so much. I consider myself lucky to be able to come up with rent every month. As well as getting healthy groceries from time to time. And as a full-time student, holding down a job is extremely hard. What I'm worried about right now is rent at the end of this month. And with Christmas coming closer, I felt it was more important to get a couple presents for my family. But the stress of bills and 550$ for rent is looming over my head right now, and it's sad to say, but i'm actually pretty desperate.