I have debts for gas, water, electricity.

Alice, UK

Hello My name is Alice. I am 35 years old. Two years ago my husband died suddenly in a car accident. Since then, my life is in ruins. This plea is my last hope.. I am a Single Mom .just don't make enough money to make ends meet. Need help getting all bills caught up. I have a son four years.I give all my money on food and the my children of kindergarten. It will not remain anything. I have debts for gas, water, electricity. turned off everything, because I do not to pay large sums. They gave me a seizure of the house .I DON'T WANT TO LOSE MY HOME OR MY SON...I have no family, no one to help me. My debt is $ 23 000,- and is still in extra interest. Let what we do can not pay such amount.no longer don't know how, too tired, I cry, I pray desperate .... My last hope is this pleas. wholeheartedly Please help me, save two lives. Thank you very worth every penny.