I have cancer

Jimmy, Romania

So I have cancer. I have Diffuse B-cell Lymphoma that started out in my face and emerged initially as a Stage 2 tumor in my mouth (rare). I had an 85% chance of full cure and was cancer free for 1 year and 2 months until... It decided to give me brain cancer that messed me up but *really* good (almost killed me). I am actualy writing this from the hospital. I've beat this round as while my particular cancer is rather aggressive it is a totally a pussy (which reminds me of every bully I've ever met). Which is really cool. *But* I have a 50/50 chance of recidivism in 2 years and I want to minimize it. So I don't deserve to be here anymore than anyone else but I desperately, desperately want to stay. Please help me maximize my chances of sticking around by giving me a donation.