I got lied to, divorced and left without money

Danis, Holland,

To be honest 3 years ago i would have never pictured myself in this situation. I was married and we had just bought a house, unfortunately it all turned out quite differently. The marriage of 5 years (we were together for 10) didn't work out, we tried everything to save our marriage..... or at least i did. He turned out to be cheating in the time we tried to work it out. So i left, finally after almost 2,5 years of headache and mess we finally got divorced. In the time he (alone) was living in our house he turned (a brand new build) house in to a mess. I spent 3 weeks cleaning it with 5 of my friends. After cleaning it i could finaly get a realtor in to start selling the house. In these almost 2,5 years he was living there I was living in a few rented houses (one by one off course). because i wanted to do it neatly I kept on paying my half of the costs of the house. So my monthly wages were spent on two houses and i had to do everything to just life. He had promised me he would pay his share of the monthly expenses but it turns out he didn't. After the whole cleaning and getting the house on the market I got him to leave the house. Eventhough I have a sharp asking price (which will leave me with this debt) there is no interest in my house. The housemarket had plummeted, my beautiful again house is worth roughly 60.000 euro's less then my mortgage is. Now I am living in the house, trying my best to sell it (made posters, hand out flyers, get my house listed on every site that doesn't charge you when you post it). But the situation worsened. My ex is not paying his half of the costs. So I had to hire a laywer and eventhough my laywer is confinced I will win the procedure it takes months to get it in court. This leaves me in the situation that even with my fulltime job and doing all kinds of extra jobs i am still facing a shortage of about 1200 euro's a month until the house is sold. And after the house is sold I will immediately have to pay 30.000 euro's (my part of the debt because the house is worth less). This is why I have now posted my story, I am asking you to give me anything, nothing is to less........ everything will absolutely help me getting out of this situation and maybe one day have a normal life again. Thank you so much for your attention and if you are sending me anything, thank you so much i will never forget it!