i got conned

Pudsy, Uk

i needed a cooker and i got one from ebay,it was lovely.however the person who sold it to be was totally dishonest.it was converted to lpg when he told me it was natural gas.potentially putting my life at risk.i scraped the money together to get it converted,only to find that the wiring had been chewed by a mouse.the seller has gone with my hard earned money and i am so gutted i just look at it an cry.i do work very hard as a night support worker for autistic people,but once i have paid rent and bills there is next to nothing left.i have been quoted £300 to rewire the cooker(its a brittannia range cooker) or do i scrap it and get another cooker.I am new to this so i am not sure what to expect an must stress that i know there are more deserving cases than mine,but what ever is given i will more than appreciate.many thanx even just for reading.xx