I don't know what to do anymore...getting evicted in 5 days

Amanda, Milwaukee

Hi My boyfriend(now ex) got kicked out of his house so we moved in together a year ago. I paid rent for the first 5 months and after that my boyfriend told me that he would take care of it and write the checks because I was stressed with school. So I gave him my half of the rent (350. A little over a week ago I get a call from my landlord saying we haven't paid rent in over 6 months! I come to find out that my boyfriend has an substance and gambling problem and spent all of the rent/other bill money. I kicked him out and have not spoken to him since. I spoke with my landlord and he has agreed to let me live there if I can come up with 2 months rent in the next 5 days(1400). I do work part time and am searching for another job but I don't have any family to borrow from and bad credit that I can't get any loans (I tried). Plus I have a light bill of 350 due next in 2 days. If anyone can help me any amount it would be appreciated greatly. I have no where else to go and need some kind of help. Thank you my email is amandah7105@gmail.com