I dont know what else to do

Help plea, Sweden, U

I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm the end of the rope with what to do with everything and desperate for some peace for a day so I guess it won't hurt to try here. My mom, I don't know. She has no phone or any way to contact her, but I just got a voice mail today from her from yesterday saying the car got towed, it's broken (which it probably isn't). She needs this car, and while she's not responsible with it obviously, there is no way she can survive without one. With doctors appointmens and whatnot. Sorry ahead of time this request isn't the most eloquent, every 2 seconds my face is in my hands, I'm just so emotionally drained from her right now, that this is just the top of the cake. We already live very poorly, this $300 means we won't eat or have gas or anything. I would pay it in a heartbeat if I had the means, i just dont. I don't know what to do. I have some stuff I can sell, but it won't sell soon enough, people on craigslist are flaky. Wow, this request is a jumbled mess, I'm sorry. I have no friends, and my only family lives in this house with me, and we are all emotionally and financially drained. If anyone can help us come up with the $300 to get my moms car out of the tow, it would be a miracle. Just everything building on top of eachother, i feel like the weight of the world is on me. it feels horrible.