I desperately need help with rent arrears and bills.

YaYa15, UK

Please help if you are able to. Since 1999 I have been physically disabled following a head-on collision with another driver who had lost control of their vehicle. Almost immediately I lost my own home as I was unable to work and have had to find private rented accommodation which is very expensive and the small amount of Social Welfare I receive towards housing and living expenses has fallen far behind inflation and now is not enough to cover rent and bills. Over the following years I have completely lost all my confidence. There have been many incidents of bullying and harassment from both Landlords and other people. As result I now suffer from severe panic attacks, a racing heart and bouts of violent shaking. One by one my friends are gone and most of the time my only company has been my dog and my beloved horse who was abandoned by gypsies 2 years ago as a youngster, and I have tried to care for as well as I possibly can given my own circumstances. He gave me a confidence that I no longer have with people. On the 3rd of November I found him dying in the field and immediately called a vet. It was a Sunday and the cost of a vet is double on that day as a duty vet has to attend. Despite us fighting to save his life he died an agonising death an hour later. He had died from a rare poisoning after eating Sycamore seeds. He was still just a baby. The grief is immense and now the bills are arriving.The vet bill is huge and another bill for the equine bereavement company used to remove his body from the field and to cremate. I am already in arrears with my rent and being threatened with eviction by my Landlord, so there is no way I will ever be able to pay these bills. I am happy to prove my circumstances and show bills if required. Please help if you are able to. Thankyou for reading.