I can hlp u

Hasababy, Reno nv

My name is Brittany. I can help you out of your very stressful situation. Are you scared of being evicted, owing your landlord $? Is your fridge empty? Do you feel affraid to interview because your clothes are not proffesional? The holidays are coming up, are you worried you cant give your children a christmas this year? Bank account surviving on a few bucks or overdrafted some? Utilities about to be shut off? Car crapped out?...i am not here to convince you to work at home, pay me first, and I do not want your personal information. I will be straight-forward of how I can help you right now. I can help you keep a roof and keep your children fed. I am also a counselor and I can give you good advice, aide you in finding work, and if you end up between a rock and a hard place in the future-I am always open to helping a family more than once if much needed. You may email me at secondhomesnow@outlook.com ♡Britt