I am very hungry, very poor, hating life and desperate.

UK Studen, Mancheste

I am one of the many unfortunates attending a University in England. Manchester Metropolitan studying Computer Science to be exact. I receive student loans from the bank but because my parents earn over the governments limit I receive the minimum loan per year, and my student accommodation costs more than that loan. Manchester is not a cheap place to live. This means that I literally have NO MONEY AT ALL for food or drinks or socializing or playing games or buying books or anything. I would love a new laptop that I could use to start developing apps and software that I could potentially sell on. It's frustrating that i'm too poor to put my newly gained skills to good use - My computer is a dying beast that isn't capable. My parents aren't really in the position to give me anything either as my Dad is up to lose his job (He earns very little compared to my Mum anyway so I'm still on the lowest student loan next year) and they have my little Sister and a house to pay for too. I'm in my first year and I have done the student thing, going on a night out, a few times, but can only afford the entry fee and maybe a 99p drink if i'm lucky. I've quickly burned through my savings from the jobs I had before Uni and now i'm too busy studying to consider picking up another job. My friends, some of which live in my flat, receieve more than DOUBLE the money that I do from the government per year and the extra isn't even a loan, it's a grant that they don't have to pay back. It's ridiculous. My best friend just bought a mac book and I can't even afford a new hard drive for my dying computer. This is all making me very very depressed. My bank balance right now is literally £0.00. I'm at the bottom of my overdraft and I don't know what to do. I don't want to stop being a student but the money trouble is making it look like a very bad idea next year when my money situation stays the same and my rent goes up. Anything at all is appreciated. Please, please help me out, I will be eternally grateful. Love you all for even reading this. Have a wonderful day - I'll try my best to. 18p noodles with boiling water for dinner. - Jamie