I am tired.Tired, tired of me, tired to think that better days will come.

Imere, São Paul

Second Fair, 24 August 2015, 09:08hs of the morning With 66 years of age,find me tired other, to struggle as when youngster achieved. What goes to become of the day 25 until the day 31/08? I happened today the whole day asking me and seeing the time going embora.It will be to overthrown total and final, as I do not have like rolar more for front my debts assumed in the value of eight thousand and quinientos dolares. I see me without strengths, without hope.For the one who has my age 66 years is sad, very sad think that I will not have morning.I am tired, very tired, tired to perceive that of here for front never more better days will come. I apologise by the desabafo. Imere es_barros@msn.com