I Am Ready for My Happily Ever After...Finally

Vapelock, United St

A long time ago, a young man and I met one another, dated and fell in love with one another. We made plans for the future together. Him and I. Forever. There was a slight problem. He is English and I am American. His father became very ill and he was forced to return home to aid his family in giving care to his father. We tried to make it work, but this was before the internet was commonplace, and long distance calls were painfully expensive. Just as we were getting it all sorted out for me to come over, with money saved and a wedding date set, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. At that point, there was no way that I was going to be able to leave my mother, who was terminally ill, nor was there a way for him to leave his father, who was also terminally ill. Through tears and heartache, we both decided it was best if we went our separate ways until a later point in time. I decided that love would find a way, but every time that we talked, either his father or my mother was going through a health crisis. We broke off for good, broken-hearted, but with a strong obligation from each of us to care for our dying parents. Life, whether we like it or not, does go on. Eventually the heartache became less and the man who changed my life was never forgotten. I never wrote him or called him, because I did not want to continue to fan the flames of love while we were both being caregivers. I began dating someone else 2 years after we were apart, and eventually, we married. A decade later, we divorced. I never forgot my man from England. I traveled the world, always trying to find happiness in all of the places that I would visit. I made friends from all over the world. Every time that I would go to England, my heart would lurch because I knew that was where he was. A friend in England urged me to create an online profile on a pen pal site so that we could keep in touch with one another easier via live chat when we both had time. I did that, and I was talking with my dear friend when a new friend request popped up. The request line read "I could never forget your smile anywhere." It was him! As soon as I looked at the profile, there he was, looking at me with those same compassionate eyes that I had loved looking at so long ago. We began talking and discovered very quickly that we still were the same people from all of those years ago. Wiser and older, but the same basic people. A year of texts, emails, Skype chats and more and we knew that we needed to take the next step. Marriage. The UK has very strict income requirements. They made this change last year. Approximately 45 percent of the people that apply are being turned down because they do not meet the income requirements. If we could get the money that we need from savings, then we could get married and happily spend the rest of our lives together as husband and wife. Please help us in our cause. I don't ask for this money to have a giant wedding. It will be a small thing, with less than 10 people there. I don't ask for luxury items. I only want to be with the man I love for the rest of my life. Thank You for voting this up and for helping!