I am in need of some serious help

Lucy, Georgia

My life here we go, started back in April 2014, my husband cheated on me after being married for 18year but together for 22 years. And on August 16, 2014 he served me with divorce paper and paper to get me out of our home and shut my phone and water off on me. I am suffering with anxiety and depression since I found out about this so bad and being able to sleep. So that evening I on my medication to help me relax, but stupid me took the wrong prescription, I took my depression pills which puts me to sleep. And make matters worst I took a two more to see if it would help that is when I realized I made a big mistake but to late. I when to call for help I could not call for help because my phone shut off. The next thing I remember was waking up in a hospital with scraps and bruise.  I apparently got in my car when on a speed chase the 2 counties and 1 local law enforcement offices for 45 minutes or more. some how I drove all over the place and end the chase at my house where I totaled my car to my house, where they rushed me to the 1st hospital then after an 1 hour was rush to a trauma unit where I woke up 3 days later to find out what I did.  After I got releases the 1 county arrested me then they released me to next county and the in turn release me to the local police. after all that was done I return to my home to fine my house inside in a wreak my husband while was in the hospital he took all my jewelry my work truck, and all the food he could take and furniture, my money that was in the car and all our savings.  Left we me with a pack of lunchmeat and about 6 cans of beans and powder broth. trapped my dogs in the house with a large bag of dog food. and never left them out the smell was unbearable. I have over 17000.00 on tickets and fines plus to get a lawyer for the driving accident 10500.00 for lawyer fees to represent me and if I want a lawyer to help with my divorce another 3500.00. I have no one to help me. The doctor is writing a statement because the dosage I took of the Doxi Pin was a overdose which in turn keep me awake but not aware off any of my action and suicidal to myself  at that moment. I was not aware of anything or even remember doing any of that stuff I did.  Which believe I still don't believe that, I know it happened.I was also relieved my job because of the truck he took.I'm in need of food, utility for turn on, and lawyers to represent me. I am begging for anyone to help me and someday I will do the same.Thank You