I am in need of help please

Well I would like to ask for $200,000, I know that is a lot to ask for but I am in need of ever bit of it. I have $30,000 in school loans, I have another $40,000 in bills. I also lost everything I owned which would take about $30,000 to replace, I want to be alive not the way I feel right now without nothing in my life. I would like to have money to invest and save, with money going to get me back in school, I am disabled and do not get but a $720 a month check. I need help and anything would help me. I also have an online girlfriend that I would like to meet but she is overseas and this government will not allow poor people to get married. I want the money to meet her so I can start my life with her. Thanks very much and God bless you Wyman Thigpen Paypal email is wyman.thigpen@yahoo.com