I am desperate, I really need $250 to pay a bill, And doing this is already hard enough for me BECAUSE IM PUTTING MY PRIDE TO THE SIDE, Can someone please help??

Mer Desir, Florida

Hello my name is Mercedes. I am 19 years old. I know there are many other people with worse situations than me and I understand that, but right now Im at a point where I really need the money. Im not trying to come on here and feed you a sad story and gain pitty just to get money and spend or scam you. I have never been the type to ask anyone for money nor anything else because I was taught to work hard for what I want. Every since my father died in February money has been extremely tight. I had to take a semester off of school to work and help support my family. Now Im a full time student and working part time trying to make ends. I am honestly trying my best to help assist my mother with bills because she's on a fixed income and work is only giving me so little hours. We are currently behind $250 on a bill a thats due on 20th of November, I recently needed $30 for a past due balance but I paid that off when I got paid. Im am a good person with a good heart who always try to remain positive and keep it together, be the strong one, sadly to say right now I am at my lowest. I am honestly putting my pride to the side doing this because I have never had to ask well beg rather say anyone for money and I didn't want to feel like a charity case, but sadly to say I desperately need it because I just need to help support my mother with bills because I know she cant do it alone. Im trying the best I can to get caught up on bills. If anyone will be so kind to donate and assist me with this bill I will be sooo soo soo grateful. Any little amount you can donate will be appreciated. If you do want to help assist me my Paypal is Merbaby10@gmail.com Please and thanks again in advance. P.s I AM NOT ASKING NOR LOOKING FOR A LOAN! I HAVE NO MONEY TO PAY ANYONE BACK. I'VE HAD PEOPLE 'WANTING' TO HELP ME BUT IN THE END WANT SOME TYPE OF FEE. IT'S NOT A DONATION IF YOU WANT MONEY IN RETURN. YES I AM DESPERATE FOR MONEY BUT IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO HELP ME OUT OF THE KINDNESS OF YOUR HEART AND JUST WANT MONEY OF SOME TYPE IN RETURN JUST PASS ME BY, BUT TO THOSE WHO GENUINELY WANT TO HELP I GREATLY APPRECIATE IT. I am not trying to be rude or nonchalant however I have already encountered 2 people who have attempted to scam me.