I am broken and need money to survive, to eat, to pay fees for daughter, and to see my small family happy

Ritesh K, Gujarat,

I beg because I have no money with me. I was working and all of a sudden I lost my job and I tried to earn by doing online freelancing works but for last 3 months, I'm not getting any work and totally spent my all savings otherwise I would not come here and ask for money. My wife is working but her salary is too low to fill out empty stomachs and I have not eaten anything for last 2 days and we all are crying and feeling helpless and isolated. I am trying my best to find work and earn but without food in stomach, no positiveness is found and still, I am trying and hurting myself by staying hungry. I can't see my wife and daughter hungry and my daughter without education. I haven't gave up trying but in between I need some help to survive, to eat, to pay bills, to pay my daughter's school fee, and to find more work or start a small business to avoid begging in future. I have no other way out so I have to beg. Please help me out and make me feel that there are sacred souls in this world who understands someone's pain. A small token of help will give you a lot of blesses from all three of us. We can not stay alive like this for long, please save us and give us something to live on. I request you to contribute and help me survive with family. Thank you.