I am broke as a joke and my job just laid me off.

I am not , Portland,

I am asking for help because I just got laid off (yes, not fired, laid off). I was told that it was because I took a day off to go to the chiropractor because my hips were unaligned and needed to be adjusted. I was told that if I was injured not to come in because they would be liable. I was part of union as well but I was also in my trial period, first three months. I was told to bring a doctors note, which I did because it was very important to me that I do my best. I was on my feet the entire time for my job so I really did need to get that taken care of. Anyway, I pay 200 dollars for rent plus utilities, which is unbelievably low. It was the cheapest I could find, in a house with roommates and I love it. I am a frugal person, I don't spend what I don't have. No credit cards, no loans. Nothing. I am going to PCC and only taking out the Pell Grant Financial Aid, not the loans. I get enough to cover my books and a bit extra to last me three months. Well, last term before the summer I had a severe anxiety problem out because the guy I was started abusing my mentally and physically, I immediately got out of the relationship. I ended up messing up my classes because I was in the hospital for these anxiety problems. I am not currently going right now because up until a two weeks ago I had a part time job that had my working almost full time. Unfortunately anxiety doesn't just go away either and I was left with severe panic attacks and heart issues for a few months afterward. I have since gotten my anxiety under control for the most part, still having some heart issues because of it but getting better. I stay healthy and such because it also keeps my mind off of a lot of my life which I really don't care to discuss on here since I am not looking for sympathy. Bad times wont last. Anyway, I am not looking for any certain amount or really anything if you don't care to offer. I am trying to pay my next months rent and get into some counseling. I am willing to also talk to people if they want to offer words of wisdom, because literally anything can help a girl out. I should also mention I am actively looking for work (yes, some people still do that seriously). Thank you very much for considering me. Namaste contact me : stephanie.quesnoy@pcc.edu