I am beeing f#cked by our healthcare system

Help a sw, Sweden

I have multiple diagnoses and am unable to work because of this. My doctors are backing me 100% but our "safety net" healthcare system is betraying me. We have together fight them in diffrent levels of court to no avail. I am not alone in beeing treated like this in Sweden. I live on welfare the absolute legally minimun its allowed while im fightin. It is not enough for a person to survive on. I want to get my economy back on track since I have live like this for 7 years now. I want to expose this disgusting way the government here treat the sick. They know we are weak and have no voice that is loud enough to be heard. I will never be broken though. I have a strong will and heart. The problem is I cant find any way to earn money in this situation im in. I want to break free so I can help others aswell. If you have extra money and want to help a fellow human that would be greatly appriciated. But dont give me if you dont have enough, im not more important than you. Much love from Vincent