i’m completely skint

Stonybrok, United ki

I spent moths trying to find the perfect job in Asia. Spending my savings carefully and trying not to go out. I couldn’t work until I had a work visa because it was too risky. Last month I finally found the job I was looking for, a traineeship that would lead to a good career. just as I was about to get all the documents for my visa, there was a problem with my medical and the offer fell through. Now I need to get home but don’t have enouh for the flight. This will hopefully be my first Christmas home in 3 years. I have never done this before and usually i’m good with money, but I have learnt from my mistake and just really want to see my family. Some people may say this is my own fault, well it is partly, but we all make mistakes. And if a few good people chip in the price of a coffee at Starbucks, I can at least enjoy the holidays.