Husband just left us high and dry!

Trying to, 3 East,

I didn't even know that a site like this even existed. Now I am glad there is, cause honestly, I never thought I would ever be put in this situation Two days ago, while I was at work, and the kids were at school, my husband cleaned us out! Of course he took the family vehicle and every penny we had left in our bank account, as well as all of the appliances. Yes, that included the food which he took right out of my kids mouths. I am only working a minimum wage job, and within the next few days, there is no way I can pay the rent, the utility bills and groceries. On top of that I need appliances to cook and store the groceries. I would really appreciate any donations I can get for my family, if not for me, at least for my kids. I would truly be greatful!