Hungry & broke

Ready to , Dallas, T

I am buried in debt which I incurred trying to help my family stay afloat. It seems my entire family has needed my financial help this year - sister has twins who both needed surgery. My son is a single parent with 2 boys who I have helped buy food, clothes, and paid rent. Now I am reduced to asking strangers for help to get out from this mess I have created. I do work and most all of my check goes on bills and rent. I skip lunch at work cause I do not have money to buy even a soda or crackers and I do not have food at home to bring. I have 1 meal a day. I would love to get some extra money to help pay these bills which would free my paycheck. Or enough to stock up on some groceries. Either way I would be very grateful. I have always been the one to help others in need & I do not regret any of my actions. I do hope that my past actions will be rewarded in a small way. Thanks for anyone who helps or thinks about my story positively.