Hungry and homeless and family wont help

Homeless , Rhode isl

3 weeks ago my best friend kicked me and my 17 year old brother out because his girlfriend didn't like me and she wanted to move in, this was at 140 am and it was pouring raining, i am 21 years old and i understand i am responsible for myself, but in this tough situation i am really unsure what to do. my mother died when i was 11 and my father does trucking across the united states. so at this time me and my brother had to take all our stuff and pack in my fathers truck (which is unregistered and uninsured due to my father not keeping up on it) and went to my sisters house. my sister is a very bad drug addict and we were scared just to knock on her door to ask for help because she will just yell at us and wonder what we are doing there. so we parked on the street and slept in the truck until the morning. knocked on the door and she was sniffing lines of pills in her kitchen. i told her that dad has sent 200 dollars via western union to her name for us and that i couldn't get it out because i lost my ID. first thing she says is "good, give me the code so i can rob you." it made me sick to my stomach and i was hoping she was joking, this 200 dollars was so me and my little brother could get a motel for a night or two. my father is very poor and it was all of his money. i didn't know the code for the money my father did. so i asked her when she could get it for us and she told us in the morning. she told us she was going to pickup her boyfriends phone and she would be back, next thing i know shes going behind our back taking the 200 dollars out and not telling us. when she got back she told us that the police pulled her over and took her license cause she had a suspended license. i was pissed because now she couldn't get the money for us (all along she already had the money and didn't tell us). she is a stripper and told us she would just get us the money tonight and keep what was in the western union. i agreed. her boyfriend was tweaking out on pills and coming up with excuses to keep the money so they wouldn't get caught stealing it. i just told him i was going to have my father cancel it in the morning and send it to my girlfriend. next thing i know when i wake up in the morning there's only 50 dollars on the dresser and i checked the code online and the money wasn't there, she stole it. now 200 dollars is alot of money to me and my brother. long story short is that we are living out of my fathers truck and he wants to take it from us so he can use it, ITS ALL WE HAVE! we sleep in and we are doing everything we can to get jobs. we are very very hungry everyday and homeless shelters wont accept us due to us being young and men. we don't have any family to stay with, and we are scared of getting the truck towed and impounded due to it not being registered. we are normal everyday people, we are not bums, we did nothing to deserve this and its pathetic that i am on here asking strangers for money over my own family. if you have any more questions or even want to talk to me by phone just email me @ i use the public library everyday to look for jobs and ways to get money, but with the way jobs are these days it just so tough to get on my feet, i am 21 taking care of my 17year old brother with no money and scared shitless of losing our only home with our possessions in it (the truck). ANYTHING would help even a penny, we are saving change daily and we DO NOT panhandle on the streets because we feel like we have more pride than that. I feel we have hit rock bottom. ive sold as much of my possessions as i could except my guitar, which is my heart and soul but im on the verge of trying to sell it for as much as i can get for it. thers so much more bullshit in me and my younger brothers life but im not trying put on a huge sob story. if anyone can do anything or even offer moral support just please email me. thanks for reading -Anthony and Justin