Huge debt, people put prices on my head, dropped school at 16..

No suppor, Montréal

I am begging tonight because I tried my best with banks and loaners but no success. I am 18 years old going 19 the 22 September,I have absolutly no support fron either my parents or family. What happen in 2009, I was hanging out with my (fake) friends and one of my friend sister is going out on a date with a drug dealer that is a real deal. One day I made the mistake of blurring his buissness papers and he founded out i did it but i didnt want to do it but anyways, i got caught, they brought me in a small appartement and started to beat the sht out of me.. and they dropped me off at my house. The initial debt is 13,000$ in 2009. Now , 7 September 2013, i am at 36,200$ (including miss payments, fail to make a payments, cash advances and interest.) I am getting to a point of my life that insteaf of finishing my life, i decided to turn my self over and tell the world what I did wrong. I have no friends, no one to talk too. I have no more income, since they got too much contacts they would find me in a hour max(like at my last job,had to quit because it.) I have no one to tell my problems. I have no where to hang out anymore. And i almost have no more sense in life... I want to finish school but i cant because the guys would find me. I want to work but i cant because of the guys... I want to live freely like as i was before, but i cant because i have no diploma, no income and no contact... i dont want to die early nor die sadly.. I want to be able to retrive my energy to work and not being scared anymore of going out.. And ultimately, be able to re-unit with my mom and dad.