How I found this website

Patricia, Massillon

I met my husband seven years ago and he is a truly wonderful man and a great dad to my boys...We own our own painting company and two years ago he suffered his first heart attack then over the course of the next two years he suffered two more heart attack which ended up in open heart surgery this past October and he was having his forth heart attack on his way onto surgery...It has been seven months now and he is still not healed the way all of the doctors have stated that he should be which sent us to pain management and they have all stated that he has nerve damage and may always be this way they have him on these stupid pills that basically make him a zombie and he is simply unable to work and I am the care giver for the most part....I was speaking to our very good friend Mike and he is the one that gave me the link to this website....We are a hard working family and not beggars in anyway however our ship so to speak has taken on a lot of water....It is way too much stress on my family right now our  boys are 17 and 13 and this has definitely been very hard on them.... Please if there is anyone out there willing to help us it would be nothing other than a complete Godsend....Thank you for taking the time to read our story and God bless!!!